TreeSize Pro for Azure

Have you ever wanted to know how much disk space your Web App or Service is using in Azure, or wanted a quick way to find out the size of various folders in Azure.

I needed to do this recently as I wanted to turn on the local cache of my file system in Azure

The local cache default is 300MB and I needed to find out how big my ‘site’ and ‘siteextensions ‘folders were to see if I had to change the cache defaults.

Ideally I wanted a ‘TreeSize Pro’ like view of my Azure folder structure, which would show how big each folder was (both as a size and as a percentage) and allow me to drill down into the folders. Luckily I found a plugin for Azure called Azure Web Apps Disk Usage that did just this.

To install:

  • In the Azure Portal go to your App Service
  • Go to Extensions
  • Click the Add button at the top
  • Find Azure Web Apps Disk Usage
  • Click OK to agree to the T&Cs

Using Azure Web Apps Disk Usage

  • Go to Extensions
  • Click on Azure Web Apps Disk Usage
  • Click the 'Browse' link at the top. This will open a File Explorer type view in a new tab showing the structure of your site, with folder and file sizes:


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