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13 February / / Web
I have recently moved this blog from being hosted by WordPress over to the Hugo static site generator. As part of this move my blog URLs changed. I didn’t want to break any exiting links pointing to my blog so I wanted to setup some HTTP 300 permanent redirects. The site is hosted on an Azure app service, so I can use the web.config to redirect one URL to another.
13 March / / Testing / Web
I was once presented the following question as a part of a job interview: ‘You have a web page that is running slowly. How do you find out why it’s running slowly.’ I really enjoyed answering this question and have used it myself when conducting interviews. Why do I like it? Firstly it shows how someone approaches a problem and how they can systematically work through it. Secondly there is no single correct answer, but many possible solutions.
09 March / / Web
HTML tables can be difficult to make responsive so that they work on both desktop and mobile devices. By default if the table is too big for a smaller device it will just extend of the side, and the user has to scroll the whole page: Using Bootstrap responsive tables help to a certain extent, and they make the whole table scroll, and not the whole page. But the content still disappear off the screen to the right.
26 February / / Web
On a recent project I wanted my tables row to be clickable, so a user could click on a row and perform a default action. This action could be to edit the details of the row item. For example, if a user wants to edit a row they could the click edit link, but also click anywhere else on the row (except for the other links). To achieve this I used the following JavaScript (which requires JQuery):
17 January / / .Net Core / Web

An Azure WebJob allows you to run a background job in the same context as you App Service. The job can either run continuously or triggered (manually triggered or on a schedule).

08 January / / .Net Core / Web
12 August / / .Net Core / Web

Localizing content in MVC is straight forward with the use of .resx files to either annotate your data models or referencing the resources directly. But accessing the localized resource from within JavaScript code can be a little bit fiddlier.