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21 January / / .Net Core

To demonstrate Dependency Injection in a .Net Core Console project, I will create a SecurityService class which will have a dependency on an AuditService class.

20 January / / .Net Core / Azure
03 March / / .Net Core / Azure
28 January / / .Net Core

How do you unit test something that has a dependency on Entity Framework? I ran into a situation recently when the code I wanted to test was loading a set of rules from a database that dictated the what functionality a web site had.

03 December / / .Net Core
01 August / / .Net Core / Azure
I have a .Net console app that I have recently deployed to Azure as as a WebJob. Though it successfully deployed when it runs it exists straight away with the following error: Job failed due to exit code -2146232576 And the WebJob status is set to ‘Pending Restart;. It turns out that I was targeting the .Net 4.7.2 framework, and Azure only supported 4.7 of the framework. After downgrading my console app to 4.
16 March / / .Net Core
In a recent MVC project I wanted to create a set of widgets to be reused across different pages. I wanted them to be created as a partial view, and be self contained with links to associated JavaScript files. The JavaScipt should be contained in the script section in the partial view, so it is rendered at the bottom of the page. The problem is that MVC does not support the script section in a partial view, for example you can do the following in standard view but not a partial view:
17 January / / .Net Core / Web

An Azure WebJob allows you to run a background job in the same context as you App Service. The job can either run continuously or triggered (manually triggered or on a schedule).

08 January / / .Net Core / Web
12 August / / .Net Core / Web

Localizing content in MVC is straight forward with the use of .resx files to either annotate your data models or referencing the resources directly. But accessing the localized resource from within JavaScript code can be a little bit fiddlier.