20 February / / SQL

Creating successful SQL indexes is an art. I was reminded of this recently when I was looking at the indexing of a set of reporting tables, with each table expected to accommodate 100 million record.

13 February / / Web
I have recently moved this blog from being hosted by WordPress over to the Hugo static site generator. As part of this move my blog URLs changed. I didn’t want to break any exiting links pointing to my blog so I wanted to setup some HTTP 300 permanent redirects. The site is hosted on an Azure app service, so I can use the web.config to redirect one URL to another.
28 January / / .Net Core

How do you unit test something that has a dependency on Entity Framework? I ran into a situation recently when the code I wanted to test was loading a set of rules from a database that dictated the what functionality a web site had.

03 December / / .Net Core
19 September / / SQL

Long story short - be careful when using Linq that you don’t include calculated fields in your where clauses, or if you do make sure you know how the query is being executed.