08 February / / Testing
When performing a penetration test on a .Net Core web site to find security vulnerabilities, some common issues may be found that are not handled by the default .Net Core template in Visual Studio. One of the tools I use to carry out penetration tests in the Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) that is part of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Below is a list of some of the common alerts that may be flagged by ZAP or similar tools, and how to fix each one in .
22 January / / Azure

Have you ever wanted to know how much disk space your Web App or Service is using in Azure, or wanted a quick way to find out the size of various folders in Azure.

18 January / / Dev working
If you want to get better at something you need to know what areas to improve on. Most developers will have a list in mind of the new technologies or techniques they want to spend more time on to improve on, but what about the day to day things you work on. The first is to measure, to get stats on some of the areas you work on. It’s similar to an athlete.
17 January / / .Net Core / Web

An Azure WebJob allows you to run a background job in the same context as you App Service. The job can either run continuously or triggered (manually triggered or on a schedule).

08 January / / .Net Core / Web